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King’s Kush (AA)

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King’s Kush is Indica dominant strain extracted by the cross between OG Kush and Grape kush strain. The first parent OG kush is an Indica dominant American strain famous because of its high THC level-goes up to 24%.

The other parent Grape kush strain is also an Indica dominant hybrid strain and comes from the blueberry family. Grape kush is famous because of its high potency and musky flavor.

THC content within the king’s kush is high and goes up to 20%. After smoking King’s kush you will experience uplifting and elevated mood for a while and then it will make you dizzy.

Also, we at save on greens noticed that it can couch-lock you for a good period because of its psychedelic high effects. So, if you are looking for relaxation time after a long tiring day king’s kush is going to be your favorite smoke.

It’s not suggested for the new consumers because of the high THC (up to 20%) and new consumers should always try in less amount at the start.

When it comes to the medical benefits, King’s kush is considered as one of the best in treating insomnia problems and can surely help you in catching the good night’s sleep.

Also, If you are facing the anxiety and depression King’s kush strain can help you in healing/reducing the negative vibes because of it’s elevating high effects.

You can also use it for reducing the chronic pains as we noticed that it can surely help in reducing the pain drastically.

If you are looking to grow king’s kush yourself, it’s not a very difficult plant to grow and its flowering type is photoperiod with medium indoor and outdoor yield.

You should be able to see the flower’s growth up to the mark after 9 weeks and prime time for harvesting the King’s kush is early October.

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