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King Congo (AAAA)

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King Congo is a sativa dominant with high THC content. This strain is the result of a cross between Congo Pointe Noire and the Ciskei P4 F1 strain. Overall, the plant structure is medium with branches all around. A spear shape on the plant can be seen in the flowering stage.


The physical structure of king congo bud shows it to be deep green. The white hairs surround the bud. Usually, the buds are medium to long cover with layered trichomes. 9-10 weeks are required for flowering. It can be perfectly grown both indoors and outdoors.


Mostly, the King Congo strain smells like citrus fruits with a touch of spice in some conditions. When it comes to taste an earthy touch can be felt on the taste buds with the presence of a dominant citrus taste.


Blueberry kush is Sativa active and is responsible for creating cerebral high. With higher cerebral activity, your brain tends to feel more creative, helping you in accomplishing tasks that require imagination and creative abilities.


In addition, the properties of blueberry kush can help treat mental illnesses like depression, ADHD, and mood disorders. It can lift your mood and can lighten up your feelings. Similarly, it can help in alleviating pain for the patients of arthritis and other such diseases.


Moreover, another benefit of blueberry kush includes socializing as well. It’s easier to interact with people and put your point through but make sure to consume blueberry kush in lower quantities if you want to get this benefit from the King Congo strain.


It is recommended that you should smoke King Congo strain in the day time as it is known for its higher energy levels rather than calming impact. You can expect an increase in your overall performance in creative and brainstorming tasks. Don’t forget its side effects like dizziness and headaches if consumed in larger quantities.

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