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Jimi Hendrix (AA)

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“Music is a safe kind of high.” Jimi always had a way of putting things so beautifully that even his regular conversation could be written in a song. He oozed creativity and had a voice so sleek he could soothe even the most jagged mood. This appropriately named strain offers users a glimpse into that creative energy while smoothing any negativity that might be floating around.

This mellow 50/50 blend furnishes moderate THC levels, between 14% and 17%, allowing for an easy high that won’t weigh you down. Though this name titles many genetic combinations, this particular strain is a three-way cross of Sugar Skunk, Madonna, and Purple Haze. The light green buds are covered with lime colored leaves and burnt orange curly hairs. As mystical as its namesake would suggest, this plant offers an array of aromas and flavors that take you on a sensory journey through spice, sour lemon, pine, and dust. Thankfully, the sweetness cuts any skunky or pungency on the burn.

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