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Jedi OG (AAA)

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Jedi OG is a hybrid strain combining the Death Star and SFV OG. The size of the bud is medium with a gassy and pungent taste that arouses your taste buds as soon as it comes in contact. You won’t be able to feel the aroma of this bud unless it is completely open. But when it is opened, the result is a mixture of skunk and diesel impacting your nostrils instantly.

With 18.5% THC content and 1% CBD content, its overall ranking considering the energy continuum is towards the calming side.

Farmers can plant it outdoors expecting a flowering time of 8-9 weeks. However, it is not totally an outdoor plant and can easily be grown inside as well.

The impact of Jedi OG strain is not limited to the brain only rather it captures both the body and the brain alike. However, it is still considered as a lethargy free strain, thus making it easily consumable in the daytime and helping to treat pains like headaches and issues like appetite loss because of high cannabinoid content. The overall impact can be felt in the form of a relaxed feeling.

The increase in the cerebral energy that occurs as a result of consuming Jedi OG can ultimately make you feel sleepy. This is why Jedi OG can easily be used for the treatment of insomnia. The achievement of high and the gradual decrease in energy is a deferred process, making you feel energetic, euphoric, relaxed, and ultimately sleepy.

The gradual increase in the mental and physical energy specifically the combination with which this energy comes makes Jedi OG good for bodily tasks such as exercising and dancing too. But this is usually possible at the extreme “high”.

Jedi OG can also increase the creative powers and analytical skills, making you perform highly in your tasks while enjoying the daydreaming scenario completely – 2 in 1 benefits.

The consumption of Jedi OG in higher dosage can even make you couch-locked, removing all the “lethargy free” outcomes that have been talked about. High dosages are mostly recommended for the extreme insomniacs, however, higher dosages can also because of anxiety and other downsides including dry mouth, dry eyes, and even headache.

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    Jdreammonkey (verified owner)

    I enjoyed this one.. recommended for the evening.

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