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full structure shake

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Weeds that are leftovers in the packaging process actually form the weed shake. All forms of weeds can have weed Shake. So, it can actually have different strains and different points of origin. It would be better to have a look at the original weed pages to know more.

While the general description of weed shake could be different, depending on the users, weed under consideration and the country, usually, bits of stems and leftovers from the roll form this trim shake.

All this confusion is particularly because there are no universal standards to define this term. However, Save on Greens realizes that the quality of every product is important. This is why Trim Shake bought from us would be of high-quality weed shake.

Although the trim shake from Save on Greens would have the bits and leftovers from the original rolls, a few stems would be there. But you won’t regret buying your weed shake from us.

You can easily use the weed shake in your edibles, keeping the cost of your weeds lower. Similarly, the effort of grinding would also be lower, improving overall productivity. Additionally, you won’t have to compromise on the taste while buying from us, as it could be the case with the competitors.


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