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Hazelnut Cream (AAAA)

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Hazelnut Cream strain is rare that has surfaced in 2016. The Sativa dominant hybrid strain has been formed from the cross of classic Miami Haze X Cookies and Cream strains.

The Hazelnut strain is known for its extremely delicious flavor. Creamy taste and hazelnut exhale makes the strain users go crazy about it. Spicy and sugar aftertaste in the smoke is something obvious when the usage of the Hazelnut Cream strain is continued.

From the aroma perspective, an earthy and a bit sour touch should be expected.

The high created through Hazelnut cream strain is as enjoyable as the taste of the strain. This strain is known for the long-lasting impact it creates. Initially, it takes you to enjoy an exciting mood lift, which ends with a relaxing couch-locked situation.

The THC content in the Hazelnut cream strain is 24% on average. The impact of this strain starts with a kick of excessive cerebral energy. This energy helps in uplifting your mood, in general. In addition, it enhances the senses, making it easier to concentrate and accomplish different tasks. High cerebral energy also helps in enhancing creativity. Thus you can enjoy your creative abilities and get your work done after smoking this strain.

With these capabilities of the strain, you can expect to treat depression and stress. It can also help with mood swings and serious mood disorders.

Once the energy level reduces, it starts impacting the body. Your body would start feeling tired and lazy, leading to a rest position. If the Hazelnut Cream is consumed in a higher dosage, then it might lead to sedation impact too.

The physical impact of the Hazelnut Cream strain can help in treating chronic pain, arthritis, and migraine. Similarly, nausea and loss of appetite can also be made better by using it.

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