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Hashplant Haze (AA)



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Dutch cannabis growers working at DNA Genetics in Amsterdam decided on one fateful afternoon to begin crossing Cannalope Haze and California Hashplant in order to create a potent hybrid strain with inherited characteristics from both of these incredibly popular parent strains. The result, Hashplant Haze, is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain of cannabis with potent THC concentrations as high as 21%. This plant has become incredibly popular amongst medical cannabis patients and recreational smokers alike as a great daytime smoke.

Hashplant Haze nugs, unfortunately, aren’t the best looking buds in the greenhouse. These ugly little boogers are often forest-green in color and take the shape of elongated peppers. They are often covered in winding orange hairs and a decent dusting off crystal trichomes. You should expect the bud to smell pretty strong, as the haze-family has been known for its distinct smell.

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