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Green Crack (AA)

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Green Crack strain is a Sativa dominant hybrid strain with 60% Sativa and 40% Indica properties, extracted by the combination of two parents: Skunk #1 and Afghani Cut.

The first parent, skunk#1 is the old hybrid strain first introduced in the 1970s and known for its high-energy buzz effects. The other parent Afghani cut is a heavily Indica dominant strain famous for its strong relaxing effects.

While consuming green crack strain you will experience the combination of earthy, citric and sweet flavor.

The THC levels of the green crack strain are 16% and when it comes to the effects: You could experience visual distortions, little psychedelic effects, and a strong Sativa buzz.

Consumers will experience instant happiness and a giggly state because of its euphoric properties and we at Save on Greens also noticed that you will feel very energetic and ready for projects that require your creativity and focus.

Since green crack strain is good for uplifting your mood, It’s not ideal to use this strain for relaxation and deep sleep as it will leave you fairly wired.

When it comes to the medical benefits, green crack kush is the best for reducing depression with its eutrophic properties and making the consumer enjoy the current moments. It can also help with anxiety because of its good uplifting trips.

If you are trying to grow green crack kush yourself, it’s very easy to grow and ideal for beginners because it can be grown in both indoor and outdoor environments but you will need around 70 Fahrenheit temperature for outdoor and that could be controlled within in-door conditions. The plant after taking care reaches the maturity within 7 to 8 weeks and then ready to harvest.

Are you looking to order Green Crack strain online? Save on Greens is the best option as our goal is to provide you with locally sourced cheap weed with the best possible quality.


  1. ChadFuller

    ChadFuller (verified owner)

    Great quality, perfect morning toke to get you ready for the Day. Potent

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