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Grape God (AAAA)

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Grape God strain has been formed through the combination of God Bud and Grapefruit Genetics, providing this Indica dominant hybrid strain with its grape-like smell. In addition, the earthy aroma can also be felt with gradual use. The subtler smell especially the lack of acrid or skunk in the aroma makes it easily consumable by newbies.

The structure of Grape God strain is similar to an Indica dominant strain, thus dense buds and tightly curled leaves can be seen. One of the prominent structural features of Grape God flowers is their existence in the large but single piece. The entire flower is covered with sticky and icy trichome.

The euphoria that the Grape God strain creates is so powerful that you would not remember anything from your surroundings, thus making you feel relaxed and out of all problems. This feature of the Grape God strain makes it best for people who have high-stress levels and prolonged depression.

The power of Grape God’s strain cannot be realized instantly. You’ll need to give it a few minutes to show its entire strength. The impact initiates from the top, capturing your head and slowly moving towards the limbs covering the entire body. With this feeling extending throughout the body, you’ll soon be couch-locked.

This lethargic feeling is accompanied by a wave of relaxation that triggers a relaxed and stress-free sensation. This special feeling can even help patients with arthritis pain to relax a bit. It is often recommended to find a suitable setting and relaxed environment to get the most benefit out of it, especially if you are suffering from chronic stress or depression.

Grapes God’s ability to impair the cognition of the brain isn’t as strong as any pure Indica despite being an Indica dominant strain. However, the lethargic impact, which the body undergoes is enough to keep you demotivated from work.

From the medical point of view, this very strain can be an appetite stimulant along with an anti-stressor both for the physical pains and for mental traumas. In addition, treatment of insomnia, depression, and anxiety are some of the other specific usages in which this strain is often used.

While using this strain, keep in mind that getting off from the high would take more time as compared to the general average. In addition, cottonmouth, dry eyes, dizziness, and paranoia could also come as the after-effects of Grape God strain. So, be ready for that.

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