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Gouda Berry (AAAA)

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Goudaberry is a strain with a serious amount of mystique. Besides the fact that this is a mildly cheesy hybrid strain, not much else is known about its genetics. Users lucky enough to have tried Goudaberry can all agree that it’s packed with a robust flavour profile. Hard to put into words second hand, hints of cheese and blackberry are prevalent as many report. Grown organically, the smoke quality reflects the proper care and nurturing that our grower had put into this elegant plant. The inhale goes down smooth, while the exhale leaves a lingering berry taste in your mouth. Craving for more, you’ll also notice that the smoke doesn’t elicit any harsh reactions from your throat as you go back for more tokes. We thoroughly enjoyed our experience with this batch of Goudaberry, and are confident that you’ll share our excitement.

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