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Gorilla glue is sourced by GG strains and is famous for its powerful high effects. The strains is a winner of both Michigan and Los Angeles 2014 cannabis cup because of its quality high.

While smoking, Gorilla glue has a sweet coffee-like smell and a sour flavor stays in the mouth for 20-30 minutes. The THC level of Gorilla glue strain is high and goes up to 28% in multiple tests and can give the user strong & long-lasting high effects.

After smoking, this strain will give the user uplifting and giggly effects while taking away all the stress and tension quickly. Gorilla glue strain relaxes the body and the user will be couch-locked in most scenarios.

Users will experience strong europhic and sedated feelings that is unusual for a new user, So new consumer should not take it in large amounts.

When it comes to the medical benefits of Gorilla glue strain, it can reduce the depression efficiently with its giggly and sedated effects on the consumer.

Also, Gorilla glue is best for insomnia as it relaxes the body with its sedating effects and can provide the user with good sleep.

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