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Gorilla Bomb (AAAA)

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Gorilla bomb strain is a hybrid strain formed by the combination of Bomb and Gorilla Glue #4 has the THC content of 28% on average, making it one of the highest potency strains.

The structure of Gorilla Bomb strain buds is small. Dark in green in color with orange hair covering it gives the bud a colorful outlook. The aroma of this bud falls in the category of earthy pine. A combination of diesel and chocolate variants can also be smelled in instances.

An immediate impact of the consumption of this bud can be seen in the form of higher energy levels. This is just the initiation of the impact. Once the high-energy impact goes off, you’ll start feeling relaxed and dizzy, entering into another phase of this wonderful weed ride.

Due to the high-energy impact, it makes it easier for the consumers to think clearly and bring in new ideas to the table. An uplifted mood with a feeling of euphoria has also been observed in some of the consumers of Gorilla bomb strain. With both these impacts of Gorilla bomb, it can be used to increase the focus of individuals especially the ones who are suffering from ADHD. In addition, it can help in the treatment of stress and depression.

Gorilla Bomb strain is a sativa dominant hybrid known for its couch locking impact, so you should treat it as the night strain despite its high-energy initial impact. The sensation of blissful relaxation would make your muscles relax, leading you to be physically weak to get up. relief from pain and muscle spasms is some of the medical benefits of this strain and is solely because of the sedative relaxation that this strain brings with it.

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