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Golden Teacher



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Background of Golden Teacher Magic Mushroom:

Golden Teacher Mushrooms became part of the recorded history in the 1980s. They were found in the wilderness in Florida and got prominent soon after their discovery. However, the exact lineage of this strain is still unknown.

One of the famous stories regarding the origin of magic mushrooms Online Canada claims them to be from Hawaiian PES origin. The Dutch grower named it “Golden Teacher” by looking at its properties.

The pre-mature features of the Hawaiian PES magic mushroom variety are quite similar to the golden teacher mushroom, which provides an adequate reason to give this story a second consideration. However, this story has not satisfied most of the experts.

The name of Golden teachers mushroom is closely associated with its appearance. The golden caps with yellow smudges and long stems make it one of the sophisticated-looking varieties. Also, the “teaching impact” it generates after consumption leads to its name “Golden Teacher.”

Scientifically known as Psilocybe Aurumescens, these magic mushrooms are famous for creating a good mind trip.

Characteristics of Golden Teacher:

Golden Teacher magic mushrooms stand out from the rest because of their appearance. Robust growth of this strain can make the fruit bodies grow up to 5 inches supported by thick meaty stems, having caps of approximately 2-inch diameter. 

During the growth phase of Golden Teacher, the caps appear to be dark red, which changes to golden color upon maturity. Bruising or cutting of the stalk can create a blue or purple appearance. In extreme conditions, the bruised part can turn black, making it the darkest bruising.

Effects of Golden Teacher Shrooms:

Golden Teacher Mushroom can be categorized higher on the continuum of divinity rather than tripping because of the “mild high” it brings. 

The early phase of being high would make you giggle and talk more. You’ll see the dilation of pupils and flushed skin as physical symptoms. This shows that Psilocybin present in these magic mushrooms is on its task. 

Psilocybin stimulates the prefrontal cortex of the brain, which controls abstract thinking, mood, and perception. After consuming the Golden Teacher magic mushroom, You can see things that aren’t there. Your imagination controls your sight and perception, which we often describe as hallucinations. 

Once your trip is about to end, your perception of the worries and problems of life diminishes significantly. Your brain tells you that these issues aren’t something that you should be worrying about. It leads you to feel stress-free and super happy after the consumption of Golden Teacher.

With this extremely relaxing impact, the end of the trip is often in the form of sleeping. You will feel charged and relaxed when awakened. It’s best to consume the Golden Teacher in the evening or at night time to get the relaxation benefit.

The experience of the trippers shows that the addiction towards alcohol and smoking is reduced. Even days after consuming these golden teacher mushrooms, you won’t feel an urge for alcohol or smoking. Certain studies have also proved it significantly essential in getting rid of these addictions.  

However, a few users of the Golden teacher mushroom have also reported anxiety and restlessness initially, which can spoil their whole trip.

Dosage Guide:

Like any other drug, the exact dosage level can be dependent on your metabolism, age, experience level, but usually, the following dosage is recommended:

  • For a Mild Experience – 0.75g to 1.25 g
  • For a Medium Experience – 1.75 g to 2.5 g
  • For a Full Experience – 3 g to 5 g

Trip levels:

You’ll be able to understand the potency level and the high time for this strain with the help of the below information:

Level 0:

Dosage: 0.2 -0.5 g consumption of the dried golden teacher

Impact: You’ll feel less anxious; improvement in creativity 

Best For: newbies – who haven’t tried this mushroom before should start with a limited dosage

Level 1: 

Dosage: 0.8 – 1 g consumption of the dried golden teacher

Impact: You’ll become more talkative; the same music will feel better; visual enhancements would occur, but everything would remain in control 

Best for: People who want to attend or have a fun night

Level 2: 

Dosage: 1-1.5 consumption of the dried golden teacher

Impact: light body high feeling with enhanced colors and sensual abilities; closed-eye visualizations would be prominent

Best for Deep thinking

Level 3:

Dosage: 1.6- 3g consumption of the dried golden teacher

Impact: psychedelic experience; lost sense of time; visuals and hallucinations

Best for: trying with friends in a safe environment (not recommended for first-time users)

Level 4:

Dosage: 3g – 4g consumption of dried golden teacher

Impact: upgrade level 3 without of the body experiences. 

Best for: getting a taste of spirituality

Level 5: 

Dosage: 4g – 5g consumption of dried magic mushrooms

Impact: no contact with reality, powerful hallucinations, loss of perception of time and space; lost in the eternal world

Best for extreme spiritual experience

Tips for a safe trip:

Here are some of the tips for a safe trip.

  • For first time users, it is better to have a close friend or some experienced tripper with you to watch for any issue after the consumption of golden teacher shroom. 
  • Start with a smaller dosage but don’t exceed 5g (even 5g is too high and might not suit everyone).
  • Mixing of golden teacher mushrooms with other weeds is not recommended 
  • Keep your body hydrated
  • Vitamin C dosage might help you in getting off the “high” quickly. 

How to grow Golden Teacher mushrooms?

The yield measurement of the golden teacher mushroom is highly dependent on the size as compared to the number of mushrooms produced. 

In the optimal conditions, magic mushrooms are obtained in large sizes. But even in less favorable conditions, you can expect medium-sized mushrooms. So, a win-win in every situation, right?

If you are a newbie, do not expect the big Golden Teacher magic mushroom size in the first flush, but in the subsequent flushes, you can expect some fast and large teacher mushrooms waiting for you.

The grow kit is the easiest way to cultivate these magic mushrooms. Here is the complete process:

You’ll find all the necessary material in the grow kit and would not have to get anything on your own. These things include plastic bags, substrate cake in the plastic container, paper clips.  

Pro tip: Don’t use the grow kit right away. Store it in the refrigerator for some time to let it settle down

The bag acts as a greenhouse in the entire process, and your golden teacher magic mushrooms are going to be in it. Put 2 cm of water in the plastic to maintain humidity (80% recommended). Put the plastic container with cake inside this bag. 

Don’t forget to remove the lid of the container. Once you settle the container in the bag, fold the bag twice, and clip it from the top to maintain the environment. Make sure that the water should not touch the substrate. 

Holes in the plastic bag are present to allow air circulation but opening it once a day is still recommended for better ventilation. Now once everything is set, you need to store the plastic bag in the light. 

The sunlight coming from the window will be enough to make your golden teacher shrooms grow. The ideal room temperature for the growth of golden teacher mushroom is 23-degrees.

You will have to wait for 1-2 weeks to see the first magic mushroom appear. Once they mature, it is better to harvest them quickly as they can spoil within the substrate. 

The best time to harvest is when the spore seal at the bottom of the cap is still intact. 

You can store harvested magic mushrooms in a dry place. After 10-15 days, your magic mushrooms will be dehydrated and ready to be stored for the long-term.

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