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Gold Star Rosin – Pure Rosin Disposable Vape

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Contains .3 ml of Solventless Premium Craft Flower Rosin Vape oil – 65% THC

This is a high quality vape that has a backup emergency re-charger in case the battery runs out before the oil is finished.

Flavors available:

  • Pink Death Forbidden
  • Pink Lemon Haze
  • Pink Chocolate Kush
  • Pink Death Gelato

Gold Star Rosin Vape is a disposable vape pen containing .3 ml of solventless rosin vape oil. The rosin vape oil is extracted by the pure distillation of rosin, including some other resin acids for boosting the effect.

The vape also has an emergency charger for smoking the resin if the battery is drained before smoking the complete gold star resin present in the vape.

It comes in 4 different flavors including the pink death forbidden, pink lemon haze, pink death gelato, and pink chocolate kush. You can purchase any one of them from Save on Greens at best prices online.

The THC level of gold star rosin vape is 65% and the effects are very strong, it can lock the new users to the couch for a good period of time.

The aroma of strain loaded in the vape is like a pungent earthy flavor.
Gold Star Rosin Vape is not for the medical purpose as it contains high THC content and can affect the user senses for a specific period of time with intensity.


Pink Death Forbidden, Pink Lemon Haze, Pink Chocolate Kush, Pink Death Gelato

  1. tonywong

    tonywong (verified owner)

    This product is awesome! I love how discreet it is, can literally take a puff anywhere and feel the buzz instantly. My favorite disposible vape pen so far!

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