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Girl Scout Cookies x Sour Diesel (AA)

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Sour Cookies strain is a hybrid that comes with a combination of Girl Scout Cookies and Sour Diesel. This combination gives rise to a versatile product, which is formed from the two most “in demand” cannabis genetics that has ever been formed.


The flower of Sour Cookies strain is medium in size but the stem and leaves are quite long relative to its flower. Both, indoor and outdoor plantation, of this strain, can be done. However, the warm outdoor climate can yield maximum productivity. Within 8-9 weeks, the flowers of the Sour Cookies can be picked for further processing.


Earthy scent is quite prominent in sour cookies strain with the presence of touches of the aroma of the fuel. The aroma can get even stronger when the bud is combusted. Besides, the presence of mild Pine, Nutty, and kerosene-like smells indicate that the aroma and taste of the Girl Scout cookies are totally missing from this particular strain with all the dominance claimed by the Sour Diesel Strain.


With the presence of 15-21% of the THC, you can expect it to wonders for you both physically and mentally. A surge in mental energy because of the high cerebral functioning is the prominent impact of sour cookies strain, which ultimately translates into the physical energy (when consumed in lower quantities).


Sour cookies strain can provide you a reason to lift your mood. The distressing thought stream is regressed, leading to reducing anxiety and depression. Moreover, the need to talk and giggle can increase significantly, making you the star of a light social setting. Even the increase in the level of creativity can make you a good artist or a great brain-stormer.


The sour cookies strain can make physical working quite easy for you especially when you are having a long depressing day. However, to get the benefit, you’ll need to keep the dosage considerably lower. For the consumers enjoying the Sour Cookies strain in large quantities, the couch-locked stage is what should be expected.


The medical benefits of sour cookies strain are quite powerful as well. The higher cerebral functioning can lessen depressing thoughts and deep thinking, which translates to a decrease in anxiety, panic attacks, and depression. You can expect immediate relief from bodily exhaustion. Moreover, the pain associated with arthritis, muscle spasm, PMS, migraines, etc. can be treated with the use of strain.


Also, the use of Sour cookies strain can be done in the chemotherapy treatments where nausea and lack of appetite (the side effects of therapy) can be easily overcome. But the consumers of this strain should be ready for dry eyes and cottonmouth, which comes as major negative impacts of using it. In some cases, dizziness and paranoia can also be felt by the users. So, make sure to consume it in safe quantities.

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