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Girl Scout Cookies Live Resin

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OG Kush and Durban Poison hybrid cross form the special Girl Scout Cookies Live Resin. In the live resin, fresh flowers are used for the extraction rather than buds, which is a prominent way in other cases.

The dark green and royal purple color form the basic physical structure of the Girls Scout Cookies. The sweet minty smell forms the major part of GSC, creating a nice experience for the smokers, considering the taste and aroma aspects. The flavor of Girl Scout cookies is also special, making you indulge in the euphoric experience even when you haven’t smoked it.

A combination of body and mind relaxation is what you should expect while consuming Girl Scout Cookies Live Resin. The sedation impact associated with GSC creates the tranquilizing impact of the bud, resulting in your complete relaxation whether it is for the mind or body.

THC content is extremely high in Girl Scout Cookies Live Resin, which can make you feel high instantly upon consumption. An average of 28% THC level has been recorded in it. Apart from THC, CBD content also available in this weed as well. With the high potency level, you can enter into a new world, a world of your own, leading you to the height of euphuism.

Pain and nausea can be treated because of the mind relaxing and the body relaxing properties of GSC. Additionally, loss of appetite can also be treated through the consumption of this bud.

All of these benefits or usages of GSC cannot be considered appropriate for the novice users rather people suffering from issues like extreme pain, depression and chronic illnesses can utilize this weed to improve the sufferings associated with it.


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