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Gelato (AA)

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Gelato Strain is also known as Larry Bird. The hybrid Gelato strain is formed from the cross of Cookie Fam and Sherbinski. It belongs to the Cookie Family.

The dark purple color with orange hair forms the physical appearance of gelato with white-colored resin covering the crystal.

The fruity and dessert-like aroma is the distinctive feature of the Gelato strain that can make you feel lightened and more relaxed. Lavender citrus berry bouquet feel is quite prominent when the Gelato strain is smoked.

The impact of gelato can be seen in terms of high-headedness. The euphoria covers the head of the smokers, making them feel out of this world. The aspect of physical relaxation or physical high is quite prominent as a result of Gelato strain consumption, which can actually make you couch-locked after some time.

However, regular use and stronger mental strength can actually make you more productive during the day and enjoy the sound sleep at night.

The high physical impact that can be seen as a result of consuming Gelato strain makes it one of the best products for relieving pain and chronic depression. Muscle spasms, inflammation, and migraines can also be treated with the use of this bud. The feeling of euphoria related to consumption can make you happier.

The strong impact and high potency level make Gelato strain a weed for the experts only. Novices shouldn’t be trying it as the first product. In the case of a high dosage, Gelato can result in dryness of mouth and eyes.

Anxiety, dizziness, and paranoia might prevail in cases when high dosages are consumed. So, it is recommended that a limited dosage considering the time of the day, impact it creates on your body and other important factors should be kept in mind before consuming Gelato strain.

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