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Fatso OG (AA)

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Fatso OG is a sweet, chunky strain whose buds live up to its name and whose flavor lives up to its reputation. This is a lazy-evening smoke, the kind of strain that can warm you up, lift you high, and weigh you down in the best way possible. Couch-locking, spicy-sweet, and euphoric, Fatso OG is potent and fun to get into. You just have to be ready for it.

Fatso OG is the child of Legends OG and Garlic Cookies, which made this strain lean pretty far towards Indica (70/30) and also synthesized its potent effects. Its flowering time and yields are average and the plant is fairly hardy, growing about as well inside and outside so long as the climate is warm. Potential breeders should keep in mind that Colorado-based breeder, Cannarado, is not forthcoming with seeds of this strain. If you want to grow it yourself, you’ll have to find clones.


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