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Exhale Vape Cartridge

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Exhale vape cartridge is a perfect inhaler for the people who want to get a quick high in short breaks
throughout the day, it’s exactly like the e-cigarette but with weed extracts filled inside the vape. The
best thing about our exhale vape is that it does not leave any burnt marijuana smell. This is ideal if you
are looking for getting quick reliefs without playing with edibles.

The concentrated marijuana present in this vape is in its purest form known as THC concentrates. If you
don’t already know, the process of distillation helps in extracting pure THC from marijuana with up
to 99% purity. During the distillation process, the last step involves removing the impurities which help
in removing the aroma of marijuana as well, so the users can enjoy aroma-free concentrated marijuana.
It is considered a very good product for giving the user instant high time anytime anywhere.

Save on Greens only use high-grade flowers for extracting vape cartridges for the best possible quality.
Our goal at Save on greens is to provide you with the locally sourced cheap marijuana products without
compromising on the quality, you can get order the marijuana products from us with a 100% satisfaction


California Haze, Death Bubba, Nuken, Pink Kush, Black Diamond, Mataro Blue, Bruce Banner, White Death, Girl Scout Cookies, OG Kush

  1. rippedzone

    rippedzone (verified owner)

    Bought the girl scout cookies and the oil is nice and strong. lasts pretty long too if you only smoke a couple times a day. great for casual use!

  2. Ctwist

    Ctwist (verified owner)

    Awesome product. Vapes nice right from the get go. For myself who has not used shatter or vape cartridges before this product is pretty strong even considering I am a rather advanced smoker. It is really good but novice users beware as can give you bit of headache and can Green out really easy if not careful

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