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Do-Si-Dos (AAA)

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Do si Dos Strain is an Indica dominant hybrid that has been formed with a combination of aromatic Girl Scout Cookies and Faceoff OG, which is stronger and is known for its better taste and greater impact on the users.

The pungent but well-balanced Do si Dos strain has a longer impact as compared to its predecessors and the other such weeds available in the market. Do-Si-Dos (AAA) have an overly sweet odor, which can be considered too provoking. The flowers of this week can give sharp smoke when fumed. But this acrid smoke is what the users actually find addictive.

The buds of Do-Si-Dos strain (AAA) are considered small in size. Popcorn-like structures form the part of the plant on which these buds are grown. The flowers are dense with a color shade of green and a touch of orange. At some points, traces of purple color can be seen. This change in color makes the Do-Si-Dos strain (AAA) plant look beautiful. The reason for the purple touch is excessive exposure to cold during the growth phase.

The final shape of the Do-Si-Dos (AAA) buds is conical. Green, on the whole, the amber hairs and purple leaves surround it. Sweet syrupy resin coats the conical Do-Si-Dos (AAA) giving it a sticky touch. And feel.

Do Si Dos strain speed up the cerebral functioning of the brain. Your thoughts can flow freely and you could be in a better position to generate new ideas, probably the best time to have a brainstorming session.

Taking it up can improve the level of concentration and analytical reasoning, thus all the functions that are supported by the cerebral get an instant boost. You can even feel happier by taking in small quantities of Do si Dos strain.

As soon as the impact of the weed starts getting stronger, it starts relaxing your vital organs and limbs, draining all the activeness from your body and leaving you couch-locked.  You can have a sound sleep as a result.

Do si Dos strain is best to reduce pain including arthritis pain. All of this is because of the sedative impact it creates in the body. Moreover, depressed individuals can consume it to convert their depression into happiness. A great product with great benefits!

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