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Death Bubba (AA+)

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Death Bubba strain is an Indica dominant with 70% percentage and extracted by the combination of two parents including the Death Star and Bubba Kush.

The parent death star is famous because of it’s both Indica and Sativa effects and high THC with potent effects. Bubba Kush (another parent) is an Indica dominant strain with heavy effects and sweet hashish flavor.

Death Bubba strain is famous in Vancouver, British Columbia and has sky-high THC levels up to 26%. The strain has the ability to send give you deep effects and maybe couch-locking for several hours untill the trip ends.

While smoking, you can feel the excellent taste of earthy pine and spicy lemon pine but with the pungent smell in the smoking area.
We at Save on Greens noticed that you will be experiencing the psychoactive effects over your body after smoking this strain. If you are looking for serious high hit after a tiring day, Death Bubba is a perfect choice. It is not always an ideal strain for beginners because of its potent high effects.

When it comes to the effects, death bubba strain can make you extremely focused and inward towards your thoughts. After a trip, you will feel extremely relaxed and sleepy, making it one of the best strains for typical dopey marijuana effects.

For medical conditions, It can help reducing depression because of the relaxing nature of the effects. If you are facing the problem of insomnia or other sleep disorders, Death bubba kush could be game-changing for you because of it’s sleepy and relaxing effects.

It can also help mask pain, but it is not a very good strain for physical pain when compared with others. However, anxiety can be reduced with death bubba strain.

If you want to grow death bubba kush yourself, it’s one of the more difficult and tricky plants to grow and can only be treated well by an experienced harvester. Additionally, it only grows in-door and needs a lot of care.




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