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Critical Mass (+CBD) (AAAA)

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Critical Mass strain is Indica dominant with extremely large buds as its main characteristic. The buds are too heavy and large to break the stem of its plant. The name of the strain is based on the heaviness of its buds.

Afghani Kush and Skunk#1 have been crossed to produce the Critical Mass strain. The herbal aroma, peppery, and citrus taste of this strain combine to give you a calm and creative feeling with a marvelous feeling at the time of inhaling. It is equally famous among the newbies as well as the experts.

The growers of Critical mass strain have to be extra careful when the plant is in the cultivation stage as it is highly susceptible to molds.

The THC content in this strain ranges from 19% – 22%, which is quite high and is the reason for creating the “high.” Usually, the buds of such a large size do not have such high THC Content, so Critical Mass can be considered as an exception.

The low dosage of Critical Mass strain creates creative energy with mild calm; however, large dosages of this strain are often related to couch-locked feeling.

The high potency of critical mass strain impacts your body physically. A body numbing sensation is commonly reported. Such a feeling results in excessive laziness and sedation, which in extreme cases, can make you couch-locked.

Critical mass strain can clear the mind, making it more focused and creative. This can be a good time when it comes to strategy making and brainstorming. However, the lethargic physical impact could hinder this ability. This feeling lasts for approximately 2.5 hours in which certain users have reported “thought-provoking” incidents as well. The exact time for the High feeling and the mental clarity is dependent on the dosage taken and your tolerance level towards the THC.

The sedating impact of critical mass strain makes it a perfect choice for nighttime use. These properties also make the Critical Mass, effective treatment for insomnia. Insomniacs can enjoy a full night’s sleep. It also works as a stress releaser and tension diffuser, thus a good choice for treating stress and depression as well. However, minute quantities can be taken in the afternoon when you want to relax but still have some workload left.

The relaxing and numbing effect also makes it a good pain reliever for chronic pain, migraines, and joint pain caused by arthritis. Also, because of the high THC content in the strain, it can increase your appetite, so it is medically beneficial for anorexia patients too.

With such a high THC Content, cottonmouth and dry eyes are quite prominent. Similarly, dizziness and paranoia are amongst some of the common downsides of using this strain in large quantities.

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