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Critical Kush Budder

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The Indica Strained blend of the two staples i.e. Critical Mass and OG Kush, is what we know as Critical Kush Budder.

The flowering cycle of this bud is extremely short. Around 50-60 days are required by the Critical Kush Budder to complete its entire flowering cycle.

THC content and CBD, both of them form the Critical Kush Budder—The mixture of both these elements enhances the anti-pain properties associated with the Critical Kush Budder.

The aroma of earthiness overpowers all the other smell that is associated with this budder. The pungent smell of Critical Kush Budder has the spicy touch in it as well. Lemon and lime citrus aromatic notes can also be felt in it specifically.

Calmness in the mind and body is the impact created as a result of the Critical Kush Budder. The feelings of relaxation, happiness, and euphuism are the prominent ones that can be immediately felt.

By consuming the Critical Kush Budder, your mind would feel relaxed; free of excessive tensions, leading to an uplifted feeling. It is a perfect way to relieve you from stress and tension. When your body and mind are in the calmer state, it can actually help in the treatment of insomnia as well.

In milder conditions, dry mouth and dry eyes are the most common impacts. However, dizziness, anxiousness, and paranoia can also be felt if you aren’t used to consuming Critical Kush Budder.



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