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Concord Cream (AAAA)

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Concord Cream is a hybrid strain with Indica dominance. The lineage of the Concord Cream is complex. The Grabe Bubba has been crossed with Cookies and Cream F2 to form the Concord Cream. As a result, the great properties of all these strains have been carried over to this new strain. Such an experiment was done in the United States for the first time.

The Concord Cream is quite popular amongst the home growers because of the small size and impressive yield. On average, it takes 50-60 days for the flowers to grow.

Physically, it is a multi-color plant and can keep your interest high with the variety of colors shown in the cultivation cycle. The color of the buds is green seafoam, and they are covered in white trichomes. The leaves of the plant are deep purple. A few variations in the form of deep blue and an undertone of deep purple can also be observed. The flowers of this plant have orange-colored pistils covering it.

Concord Cream has a citrus grapefruit aroma with a touch of earthy smell. The taste of the strain is also similar, making it easier for the throat to take in.

Being an Indica dominant strain, Concord Cream would have a strong relaxing impact on the body. The heaviness that kicks in after the consumption of this strain would drain all your energy, making you sedated.

With the strong sedation, you can expect it to be great for treating physical pain. Arthritis-related pain, cancer-related uneasiness, migraines, and general physical strain can be treated effectively.

Apart from the physical impact, the use of this strain can also create euphoria, making you feel happy about everything around you and relieving you of all the stressors. It can help treat stress and depression. Also, the THC present in this strain makes it a good appetite stimulator, helping the patients suffering from anorexia to take food.

The negative impact of higher dosages can be seen in the form of dry mouth and dry eyes. In extreme conditions, headaches and dizziness are common.

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