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Citrus Kush (AA)

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Smokey eyed and mysterious, this strain’s makeup has been kept under wraps by the breeders. What we do know is that this middle eastern beauty is an heir of the Kush family and while her citrusy aroma may have you believe she is sweet and delicate, she is a force to be reckoned with.

With THC levels ranging from 16% – 18%, Citrus Kush gives you a strong cerebral high, not unlike its other hard to find brethren. Forest green nugs with amber pistils and frosty trichomes give this Afghan siren a coat that glimmers in the light. A light lemon and lime zest hits the nose while a bubblegum like sweetness dances on the taste buds. For a flavor sensation that’s great any time of day, Citrus Kush is a tasty choice that certainly changes things up.

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