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Citrique (AAAA)

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Critique strain is a balanced hybrid with the exact lineage still unknown. The flowers of this plant are dense and are have a grape-like shape. Covered in the trichomes, these buds are gummy in nature. Bright neon green nugs are covered with vibrant orange hair and golden amber trichomes.

The floral aroma of Critique strain is one of the main characteristics of the strain. Some of the users define the aroma of Critique as Earthy and Skunky. When combined with the citrus taste, the feeling of the user is quite similar to the use of Lime Sour Diesel.

The growth of this bud is possible, both indoors and outdoors. You’ll have to wait for 7-8 weeks to see the flowering condition.

You’ll experience the high immediately after consuming critique strain. The increase in cerebral energy is what you should expect. However, the transition from normal to high is smooth and can be used for achieving daily targets. It can enhance the productivity levels and can enhance the focus of mind, helping you finely achieve your set objectives.

High levels of THC (on an average 22%) and low level of CBD present in the critique strain makes it the balanced strain. You’ll undergo the feeling of euphoria as soon as the high sets in. the strong euphoric feeling often converts to bodily relaxation. There is a higher possibility that this strain will make you couch-locked, so make sure you are in the right setting.

Because of such a relaxing impact, Critique strain can help treat chronic pain, stress, depression, and even the pain associated with arthritis. Even an extreme level of fatigue can be treated with Critique. This is because of the physical relaxation that comes along with mental relaxation.

Critique strain is also known for its ability to create a euphoric feeling in the mind. With these feelings, you can shun the ideas stressing you and becoming a cause of depression. The overall feeling of happiness and prevails and is the reason for using this strain as a relaxant from the medical point of view.

Even higher creativity can be experienced by the users because of the spark in the cerebral activity that results because of utilizing critique strain. This strain is best for experienced users. Newbies might have to go through cottonmouth, dry eyes, dizziness, and even headache and paranoia in extreme cases. Make sure your body is hydrated and you are consuming the right dosage of Critique.

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