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UBC Chemo (AAA)

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Chemo strain is sourced from pure Indica flower, it is highly potent and is often considered effective for medical treatment.  The origin of the Chemo strain is not something that is known much. However, some myths regarding the origin of this strain have been established.

The appearance of chemo is dark purple with a spade-like structure. With a heavy layer of resin upon it, the bud is really valuable. Dark orange curly pistils and white crystals form the chemo crystals that we see.

One of these myths associated Chemo with Dr. Suzuki. According to this myth, Dr. Suzuki developed Chemo strain in the University of British Columbia around the late 60s and early 70s. This is why sometimes it is also referred to UBC Chemo strain. According to this legend, Chemo was developed for cancer patients to reduce their pain and the side effects that result from chemo treatments.

The combustion of Chemo strain results in clan smoke with a pleasant aroma spreading all over. Pure natural smell is what makes up this Chemo. The fresh fragrance of wood and heavy rain can be smelled from it. The flavor of the Chemo strain is unique, giving you the high woody taste and sweet floral taste, which can seem harsh and earthy.

Very high THC content level supports this myth. On average, 29% of THC content has been found.  Chemo strain can make you high instantly, leading to mild cerebral high. The impact that this bud provides can make it look like some magic. But, mostly it is in the form of physical impact resulting in a couch-locking impact.

The excessively high pain especially in cancer can be treated with chemo strain. Moreover, it can also enhance your appetite significantly, which is often lost as a result of chemo. Even depression, anxiety, and stress levels can be easily coped with this bud. All of these benefits are because of the excessively high potency level, with which this bud is created.

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