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Chemdog (AAA)

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Chemdog strain is also known as Chemdawg is a legendary strain with no certain standing about history and origin. The only thing we know is that the US breeders have been using Thai and Nepalese Sativa landraces for its cultivation. It is an Indica dominant hybrid strain with a strikingly perfect balance.

The physical characteristics of Chemdog strain are distinctively different from the other strains of the same lineage. It has medium buds in the long and tapered form with loose and wispy leaves around it. 9-10 weeks are required for the plants to flower, yielding 65-75 grams of the weed.

Diesel like aroma is the discrete feature, which can help in identifying the original weed. The pungent and sharp smell radiates from it, collaborating with the spicy taste that it has got.

A hint of diesel can also be tasted – the strong diesel-like aroma has its role here. You can expect to have a touch of herbal, peppery, or citrus taste while consuming this strain. The pungency of the taste and aroma combined could be eye-watering.

Chemdog strain has THC Content ranging between 18.5% -22%, a strong impact should be anticipated by the users.

The two-way impact of Chemdog strain is what makes it distinctive from all the other strains. Users can experience a higher cerebral activity along with a relaxing impact upon consuming it. The higher brain activity leads to creative thoughts and better ideas.

The improvement in sensory activity has also been recorded, which indicates that all the activities related to the five senses are executed in a better manner, sometimes also leading to a hyperawareness of the environment. With the gradual absorption of this weed by the body, the physical impact gets more prominently seen in the form of soothing limbs and a cloudy mind with a euphoric feeling. Chemdog strain is a perfect weed to keep you awake during the day and sleep peacefully at night.

Using Chemdog to reduce stress and anxiety works like wonders. It pacifies the limbs and other body parts, making them back to normal again. The excessive thoughts in the mind are also put to sleep, resulting in the relive from depression.

The relaxed limbs with a calm mind can lead to better and immediate sleep. Additionally, the feeling of pain because of arthritis, migraines, or any other reason can also be lessened as the limbs and brain both would be put to rest by this strain.

Chemdog strain is the source of many other strains highlighting the importance of this bud and the feature it has. Sour Diesel and OG Kush are the ones that include the strain of Chemdog for its creation.

The high impact of Chemdog can prevail over you even before you consume it, make sure to use it in the right quantities.

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