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Cheese (AAA)

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Cheese Kush strain originated in the UK and is named “cheese” because of its distinctive sour flavor and aroma. It is sourced by combining Skunk and Afghani Indica. Skunk is a hybrid dominated strain first introduced in the 1970s and Afghani Indica is a highly Indica dominant strain known for its strong long-lasting effects.

Cheese kush is Indica dominant, also known for its strong effects. It is very famous in the UK, Canada, South Africa, and the United States. The strain was introduced around 1989 and has a strong ability to make the consumer feel instantly happy.

The aroma of Cheese kush strain is exactly like nutty cheese and the flavor is almost like the aroma. You may also get a small sense of cheddar after smoking it for some time.

We at Save on Greens noticed that smoking this strain can help you destress and give you a nice feeling of relaxation. You will also be in a happy mood and smiling/ giggling due to its uplifting effects.

If you are looking for a quick mood swing towards the positive and happy side, Cheese kush will be one of the best picks. Cheese kush is not strong in terms of increasing hunger but it can still give you munchies while in a good mood for quite some time after smoking.

When it comes to the medical benefits of Cheese kush, it can surely help the consumer in relieving stress levels and reducing pain (including muscle pain after workouts or excess psychical activity).

If you are facing insomnia, smoking Cheese kush strain can help in reducing insomnia symptoms with its uplifting effects while also helping the consumer in removing racing thoughts from their mind.

The amount of Indica is believed to be 60% in Cheese kush with 40% hybrid, making it one of the more potent strains. It can hit the THC content between 15% to 20% with CBD content of almost 0.8% and is known as the “depression cure”.

If you are trying to grow the Cheese kush strain yourself you will have to treat it like a typical Indica strain that requires the screen of green methods, however, its seeds are rare. When growing Cheese kush you need to make sure that it’s not overcrowded by making sure to cut the growth under the bushes to keep the buds healthy.

  1. buzzholmes

    buzzholmes (verified owner)

    cheese has always been one of my favorite strains. i love the way it looks and smokes. i enjoyed this cheese. it did not disappoint. if u like cheese strains, u will love love this one

  2. AdamArtist

    AdamArtist (verified owner)

    Definitely helps with insomnia. Go easy on this if you have things to do.

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