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Cambodian is a pure Sativa. As the name suggests, this mushroom is from Cambodia in the Southwestern mountainous region.

Cultivators can expect the flowering time to range from 9-10 weeks. It can grow indoors and outdoors as well. They can grow really tall so regular clipping and cutting would be required. For the outdoor growth, it is important to provide a humid environment to this plant, however, it can withstand wide temperature fluctuations and can still grow properly.

Structurally, the buds of Cambodians are medium to large in size, cylindrical I shape. You’ll see these buds held together in a close setting. The central stem has elongated leaves loosely attached to it, so they can be easily separated. The buds are covered with translucent trichome giving the buds a whitish touch.

The smell of the damp soil would explain the smell of this mushroom. However, a closer puff of the bud would make them smell fruity. However, this pleasant small changes to the chemical scent once the buds are a grind.

The CBD content in this pure Sativa mushroom lies at an average of 20%, which shows this mushroom to be highly potent. But in most cases, the consumer of Cambodian won’t even face any difference up till 15 minutes. After this period, an increase of energy in the head region can be observed, leading to throbbing around the eyes and the temples.

The impact of these physical symptoms often slowdown with the mind race leading you out of the world. With this process, euphoria would be the best feeling to describe your emotions. Thus, it is best for usage under chronic depression and anxiety. Brainstorming and analytical reasoning can also be triggered as a result of its usage, however, no physical condition or couch-lock situation would occur.

You can consider it to be an effective tool for enhancing your productivity when it comes to cognitive tasks or for enjoying the impact alone. The consumers of Cambodian may also feel differences in their sensory perceptions, creating distortions in the usual receptions, especially creating the feelings of time dilation and enhanced intensity of certain sights and sounds. As this is a high-energy mushroom, it should only be consumed during the day or won’t let you sleep.

As a focus-enhancing tool, Cambodian can help people suffering from ADHD to maintain their concentration and generate better results. Similarly, depression and stress can also be treated because of the feeling of euphoria that comes along.

On the downside, Cambodian can also instigate the feelings of paranoia because of the recursive thinking pattern it triggers in the mind. The wrong choice of circumstances can lead to panic attacks. So, don’t forget to consider the right time for its best results.

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