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Cali Bubba (AA)

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Cali bubba strain has two versions, making it a perfect fit for everyone. The Indica dominant strain of the Cali Bubba gets more prominence usually, however, the Sativa dominant version of the strain is not non-existential. The prominent Indica strain is the result of a cross between Cali Kush and the Bubba Kush.

The growers of this particular strain would require the clippings from the adult plant to grow a new one with the same genetic setup. These clones can easily be cultivated in both outdoor and indoor settings. 73-80 F is the optimal temperature required for their growth, however, to get the purplish touch in these flowers, exposure to cold temperature would be necessary. Within 6-7 weeks, your Cali Bubba strain would be ready but mostly with the medium yield for the cultivators.

The aroma of this strain seems to be derived from both the parent families making the overall classification diversified. The sweet touch in the aroma is from the Bubba family whereas the citrus taste is derived from the Cali family, making this particular strain to show the sweet hash aroma. In the taste, the coffee Kush gets dominants giving a spicier touch to the taste buds.

The size of the strain ranges between small to medium. The color of the flowers of Cali Bubba is light green with a mixture of icy blue throughout. Trichome covers the entire flower with an average of 12.5% CBD.

The average THC content available in this strain can go up to 24%. This is because of the 70% Indica dominancy of the strain. With this high THC content, you can feel the sedative impact in the entire body. It makes your muscles relaxed and reduces spasms and other pains in the body. The result of which is an overall relaxed and euphoric impact.

You won’t face the impact of this strain instantly rather a smooth transitory impact is what you would observe. Initially, you’ll feel an increase in the cognitive ability depicted in the form of improved thoughtfulness and a sharpened mind. With time, relaxation in the body parts would be felt, reducing the improved cognition.

As the initial impact is the increased sharpness, you can do well in the familiarized social gatherings but it won’t last long, so enjoying this time could also be another option that you could be pursuing.

The high presence of THC in this strain makes it a medical treatment for anxiety, depression, and pain. In addition, insomniac can also consider it a magic strain providing them with an easy slumber. ADHD symptoms can also be managed using Cali Bubba strain rather it is one of the main usages of this strain medically. Beware, a higher dosage of this strain can lead to cottonmouth and dry eyes.

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