Bubba Kush (AAA)

Strain:  Indica

THC level: 17%

Best for: Stress, Pain, Insomnia


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Introducing Bubba Kush (AAA), a well-known Indica strain that offers a relaxing and pleasurable smoke that breaks down stress and improves your mood.

Bud Characteristics:

    • Size: Medium–Large
    • Grade: AAA
    • Colour: Deep green to purple
    • Classification: Indica
    • Effects: Sleepy, Hungry, Relaxed
    • THC Concentration: 15%-18%
    • Flavour: Dark and earthy with a sweet, peppery exhale
  • Best for: Sleeping, Reading, Stress Relief
  It’s important to remember that Bubba Kush (AAA), like all cannabis strains, might cause specific adverse effects. Dry mouth, dry eyes, and occasionally dizziness are a few of them. Always use with caution and moderation, mainly if you are a novice to the strain.

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Product FAQ's

Yes, its moderate THC level makes it suitable for beginners, but start with a small amount.

Its deep green to purple colour and AAA grade signifies its high quality.

We offer premium quality, a trusted reputation, and hassle-free shopping.

Yes, we offer discounts on bulk purchases, making it more affordable.

We provide quick and discreet shipping to ensure your order reaches you as soon as possible.

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