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Blueberry Kush (AA)

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Blueberry Kush belongs to the family of Blueberry and OG Kush strain. Both Indica strains as the parent make the Blueberry Kush as one of the most potent strains that are known to the cannabis world. It helps in calming your brain and body with its inherent property of Calmness.

The buds of the Blueberry Kush are solid and dark green color with some shades of purple in it. Trichomes and sticky resins cover the bud and give it the real shape, which makes this strain the special Blueberry Kush strain. The indoor and outdoor environment is suited for the growth of this strain with the time of 8-10 weeks required for flowering.

The aroma of this bud is just like the blueberry with the touch of blubbery in the taste as well. The earthy floral aroma cuts the excessive sweetness of blueberry, making it perfect for the taste buds.

Cultivation of Blueberry Kush is not easy, as it requires a lot of care and an optimal environment to grow. This is why it is often recommended that new growers should not get into this strain. Usually, the flowering process takes 6-9 weeks and result in a moderate level of yield. Most strong yields are usually gathered from the homegrown buds.

The THC content in blueberry kush is usually 17%, which can even go up to 24%. This high THC content explains its wide usage in the medical industry. In addition, the long-lasting impact also makes it prominent as compared to the other strains.

After consuming this strain, the feeling of euphoria is quite prominent. You’ll feel better if you have been stressed or depressed. A general rise in spirit and mood is what you can expect while using blueberry kush. Depression and anxiety can also be treated because of this particular property that comes with this strain. However, the phase of being euphoric does not last long and is often followed by a calm sleep.

In addition, the Blueberry Kush can also enhance the appetite, making you each much more than you have been consuming. It is best for patients suffering from anorexia.

Besides, its strong linkage to the Indica family makes it a natural pain reliever and thus can provide several medical benefits. Chronic pain, which often the result of arthritis and other severe diseases can decrease significantly. The high THC levels when coupled with moderate CBD results are providing an effective solution against muscle spasms and seizures.

The best time to consume blueberry kush is either in the evening or night because it has a strong sedation effect. This property of Blueberry Kush makes it appropriate for insomniacs or people who are facing sleep disorder

You should keep in mind that the consumption of blueberry kush can result in cottonmouth and dry eyes. Even dizziness and headaches can get you if you are a new user or have consumed a higher dosage. At Save On Greens, we provide the highest quality strains. You can order it now and see the wonderful results.

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