Blue Monster (AAA)

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Blue Monster strain is a hybrid strain that creates a mixture of relaxation and sedation at the same time. The flower of this particular strain ranges from medium to large in size. The shape of the buds is irregular,. Some of these buds are spherical whereas the other could be elongated. The leaves (which are dark green in color) are curled towards the stem. Dark blue and purple in the strain are because of the cold temperature. The trichomes of blue monster strain are white in color and are responsible for the high THC content that Blue Monster is known for. The aroma of this strain is pungent, it can be observed when combusted or fumed. The smoke contains the sweet and sour impact, which can be exhaled with a tangible taste too. The THC content of the Blue Monster strain is 20%. The initial impact of the strain is seen when exhaling the smoke.  The eyes and the temples of the brain might feel the throbbing feeling. Once these feelings subside, only then the psychedelic properties of this strain would be seen. Analytical thinking is one of the impacts that you can observe through the use of this strain. You can get some significant results during your work but it is not recommended to consume it before starting your work or anything important. A deep relaxing impact of a blue monster can also be felt, which can actually relieve you from excessive stress. It is not going to relive you from physical pressure only but can also distract you from all your mental issues. So, you can simply relax and enjoy your meantime. One of the drawback associated with Blue Monster strain that can get you off guard is excessive physical sedation. It can lead to higher levels of anxiety, which could be problematic especially for the new users. From the medical perspective, the functionality of blue monster strain can actually help in the alleviation of depression and anxiety. Additionally, physical sedateness can lead to a reduction in pain and better sleep.

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