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Blue Cheese (AA+)

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Blue cheese strain is famous because of its balanced high. It is derived from the cross between Blueberry and the UK-native strain Cheese. The name of blue cheese is more closely associated with the taste of the strain rather than the parent strains from which it is derived.

The bud structure of the Blue Cheese strain is quite large and dense. The leaves of its plant are tightly packed having different shades of green. These leaves are covered with copper-colored hair. Similarly, the buds are covered with white trichomes. The cultivation of this blue cheese flower is easy and can be managed indoors within 8-10 weeks.

The flowers of blue cheese strain have a fruity smell, but a strong touch of rotten vegetables can also be felt. Both of these smells are derived from the parent strains. The combustion of these flowers can create a pungent smell, which can even make the regular users cough. Once this phase of the cough and eye-watering thing passes out, the users usually experience the blueberry taste. As an after taste musty, a hash-like feeling can stay in the mouth for quite long.

The THC content of blue cheese strain ranges between 15-20%. The high that comes with this strain isn’t quick. It gets the users differently and subtly. It does not create a surge in the energy and cerebral region. The gradual inclination of the body into the rest position can be very effective for relaxing and reducing bodily stress. However, don’t expect blue cheese strain to make you couch-locked.

With this mild distressing strain, you can expect to relieve some of the minor pain that your body could be going through. This can include headaches and mild pain because of injury.

Similarly, the relaxing impact on the body can help you sleep. So, it can work well for the people suffering from insomnia.

As opposed to these Indica properties of the blue cheese strain, the Sativa properties make the users high, however, this feeling is not very strong, and you don’t have to indulge in recursive thinking, which results because of the cerebral high. It can help people with anxiety and depression because of Sativa properties.  

You can expect “focused high” feeling from blue cheese strain, so people suffering from the attention disorders can benefit from it. Moreover, you can expect it to increase your appetite and thus can be good for people who are suffering from appetite issues.

Dry eyes, cottonmouth, and dizziness are amongst the unwanted impacts of blue cheese strain. Overall, it is the best strain for relaxing and unwinding in the evening.

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