Black Runtz (AAA)

Strain:  Hybrid

THC level: 24%

Best for: Stress, anxiety, Insomnia


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Black Runtz strain is a cross between Zkittlez and Gelato strains.

With a THC level of 24%, Black Runtz ranks among the market’s more potent strains. New smokers should approach with caution and start slowly.

Black Runtz offers balanced effects, appealing to both recreational and medical users. It delivers a euphoric and relaxing high that can heal stress and anxiety and promote calmness.

Its indica roots enhance physical relaxation, aiding those with chronic pain or insomnia.

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Product FAQ's

We recommend indica strains, please check our selection here. We are recommending Caramel Candy for a similar experience. 

Black Runtz is an Indica strain. It is ideal for night use.

Black Runtz has a creamy and citrus flavour with a sweet berry aroma.

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