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Black Diamond x Snow White

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Black Diamond strain is also known as Black Diamond OG or Black Diamond OG Kush. It is sourced by crossing Diamond OG and Blackberry. Blackberry is an Indica and popular strain known for its active buzz, whereas Diamond OG is famous for its long-lasting effects and full-body relaxation. With this combination, the effects of Black Diamond strain are both the head and relaxed body high which is usually considered as the “ideal high.”

The Black Diamond strain grows on medium to large flowers and has a frosty green color (different than a typical Indica strain). It has a strong smell similar to berries/sweet grape paired with a smooth smoking experience, you can not go wrong with this Indica- dominant hybrid.

If you just came back from a long day, Black Diamond is one of the best strains to give you the ideal high because of its head and full-body relaxation effects. It will give you happiness as it is famously known for its giggling effects. We at Save on Greens noticed that the mental relief of this strain’s high is the best quality because of the additional full-body relaxation.

It also may be good for people who struggle with eating disorders because it can increase your appetite (you better keep some food/snacks with you while smoking the Black Diamond strain!).

When it comes to medical benefits, Black Diamond is a good stress reliever, reduces anxiety, and can south the consumer from racing thoughts.

It is also a very good pain reliever and works perfectly for reducing insomnia. 

The Black Diamond strain is also considered as one of the best for the people facing insomnia and bad moods because of its happy mood effects, as well as helping in getting a good sleep after a good high. Additionally, Black Diamond can help in easing the muscles after workouts at the gym or other forms of physical activity.

If you are trying to grow the Black Diamond strain yourself, there are no commercial seeds available so you will need to find someone who is already growing this potent strain for its seeds. Lastly, it will need cold weather to grow (similar to other strains).

  1. buzzholmes

    buzzholmes (verified owner)

    this one is a wonderful cross. i really enjoyed this and want to get it again. this was likely the best one of the 4 i got

  2. Chronichypno

    Chronichypno (verified owner)

    Buds look beautiful, nice black color mixed with some green . Lots of trichs.

    Smell is amazing .

    Overall good bud !

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