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Big Mac (AAA)

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Big Mac from Federation Seeds brings an indica-dominant bud to your life that you won’t want to give up. Both BC Big Bud and Mikado create an ideal stoney type of high that’s great for all users.
This strain can be rather rare depending on where you live, and even though breeders haven’t been very secretive with her genetics, what does remain unknown is her THC potential. We’d guess that it’s fairly high, as round forest green nugs feature dark pistils and overly chunky trichomes. Although the name can’t help but make us think of cheese, flavors and smells here are actually on the savory side with earth, berries, and pepper creating a sharp explosion within your senses.
An interesting experience awaits you with Big Mac, as a combination of joy, relaxation, focus, and perhaps a light bit of social energy all make their way into your system. A cerebral high combined with bodily tingles puts most users in a dreamy state but not before having a chance to get their giggles out. All in all, it’s a bit of a melting pot of effects, kind of like the burger and its flavors. Recreational users would be smart to save this strain for the end of the day as those who are more sensitive may feel heavily sedated at some point. Buy Big Mac AAA Weed Buy Big Mac AAA Weed

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Product FAQ's

An indica-dominant strain from BC Big Bud and Mikado, offering a stoney high suitable for all users.

Features earthy, berry, and peppery flavors for a savory sensory experience.

Combines joy, relaxation, focus, and social energy, leading to a cerebral high with bodily tingles.

Recommended for recreational use in the evening due to its sedative potential, especially for sensitive users.

The exact THC potential is unknown, but it’s presumed to be high given its potent effects.