BC Kush (AA)

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BC Kush strain is sourced by combining the famous grapefruit and X kush strains. It’s an award-winning Indica strain with strong THC between 15-20% on average. The parent grapefruit strain is Sativa-dominant with strong uplifting effects and is perfect for social gatherings. The other parent, X Kush contains the earthly flavor of Pakistani hash. BC Kush buds are round in shape and dark in color with orange hairs covering the bud. The aroma of BC Kush strain is sweet and creamy with a grapefruit flavor. The consumer will experience the same aroma when exhaling the smoke. If you are looking for the strongest strain, BC Kush strain is a two times award winner of the cannabis cup and is known for its effects in many regions because of its high THC levels. The effects of BC Kush include insanely happy feelings and can relax the body instantly. After smoking BC strain you will also feel the location-lock effects. BC Kush strain will make you feel a very good balance between a mental and physical high. For first time BC Kush consumers, we at Save on Greens discovered that it will be a surprising experience. When it comes to the medical benefits of BC Kush, it can help in relieving chronic pain and slight physical pain at the end of the day or after the workout. After smoking BC Kush strain, the consumer will feel dryness in the eyes and mouth similar to other strains’ after-effects.

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A powerful Indica combining grapefruit and X Kush strains, with THC levels between 15-20%.

Promotes happiness, relaxation, and a balanced mental and physical high.

Sweet and creamy aroma with a grapefruit flavor.

Ideal for those seeking relief from chronic or slight physical pain, and for users looking for a strong, award-winning strain.

Dryness in the eyes and mouth.

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