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The Baked Shop Caramel Candy (40mg THC)


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Hard caramel candies that melt in your mouth. These are great to melt down and make your own dips for fruit or desserts, or to put in coffee and hot chocolate to make a sweet treat. They have a rich, buttery flavour mixed with the sweetness you love about caramels. Ingredients:
  • Cannabis butter
  • brown sugar
  • corn syrup
  • salt
  • sugar
  • heavy cream
  • pure vanilla extract

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Product FAQ's

Rich, buttery, and sweet, perfect for melting into dips or flavoring hot beverages.

Great for melting for fruit dips, desserts, or adding to coffee and hot chocolate.

A rich, buttery flavor combined with classic caramel sweetness.

Cannabis butter, brown sugar, corn syrup, heavy cream, and pure vanilla extract.

Yes, ideal for various culinary uses, enhancing both sweet treats and beverages.