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Order B+ Magic Mushroom for the best price online from Save On Greens. B+ Magic Mushroom, a gem among Psilocybe cubensis strains, is celebrated for its enchanting effects and generous yields. Originating from the sunny fields of Florida by the legendary cultivator, Mr. G, the B+ strain stands as a testament to the joy and spiritual awakening that nature offers.

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Why Choose B+ Magic Mushroom?
  • Vibrant Experience: Prepare for an explosion of colourful visuals and a profound connection with the cosmos. The B+ strain is your ticket to a psychedelic journey filled with happiness and positive vibrations.
  • Spiritual Enlightenment: Beyond its visual allure, B+ offers a pathway to introspective thought, deepening your relationship with the universe and yourself.
  • Cultural Icon: With its roots tracing back to the 90s, B+ has been the top choice for enthusiasts, earning its place as the best-selling strain for decades.
Experience the Magic of B+
Onset: Within 10-30 minutes post-consumption, waves of euphoria and excitement wash over you, enhancing your mood and opening the doors to a vividly animated world.
Sensory Enhancement: Witness the breathing of your surroundings as nature comes alive with unparalleled intensity. Art and music transcend into new realms of appreciation, connecting with you on a deeply personal level.

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Product FAQ's

A versatile strain from Southeast Asia Minor, suitable for beginners and experienced users, promoting energy, mild visuals, and social connectivity.

Increases energy, provides gentle visual effects, and enhances social interactions.

Ideal for both first-timers and experienced users.

Medium to large with round caps and light-colored tops.

Dosing ranges from 0.25g for a microdose to 5g+ for a very intense experience, depending on individual tolerance and desired effects.

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