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Astro Boy Mushroom Infused Gummies – 3300mg



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Astro Boy Mushroom Infused Gummies 3300mg are a type of fruit gummies that include edible shrooms with a moderate supply of THC in each candy. This candy is outstanding for first-timers and casual eaters. The magic mushrooms are typically hard to eat and digest but are tastier in the form of fruit candies. They offer an outstanding mental boom that is in no way reduced by the fruity form.

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Product FAQ's

They are psychedelic candies infused with magic mushrooms, featuring a variety of fruit ingredients.

Yes, these gummies are a tasty solution to the typically unpleasant taste of shrooms.

The flavor is typically a mix of fruits and berries.

You can order them now, and we will deliver them to you within just a few days.

 Yes, we prioritize the security of your personal information through encryption and privacy measures.