Animal Cookies (AAAA)

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Animal Cookies, also known as the Animal Crackers, has Fire OG and Girl Scout Cookies as the parent strains.

Dark green in color with orange and purple gives the Animal Cookies its specific outlook. These colorful buds are soft in touch and can be broken with a gentle touch. The leaves of the plant are yellowish-green with a touch of purple color that becomes prominent if the plant is exposed to low temperatures.

The smell of lemon and pine arising from this is so strong that it can fill the entire room just with the presence of this strain. The cherry and the grape smoke of the Animal Strain get into your mouth, creating an enticing flavor in your mouth.

Medium-sized buds are produced after the flowering period of 9-10 weeks. An indoor environment is optimal for the production of maximum yield. However, the cultivation of this strain is quite difficult and requires the supervision of experts for the growth.

With the use of Animal Cookies strain, you’ll experience the right combination of the physical as well as the mental impact. The high caused as a result of this strain is quite quick as compared to the other Indica varieties available. By the time smokers finish coughing and absorbing the powerful aroma, they are hit with the feeling of physical relaxation.

This strain is rich in THC (on average 20%) and is one of the prominent reasons for enhancing the appetite of the users. Medically, it can be used successfully for the treatment of anorexia.

The high THC content in Animal cookies strain is also responsible for an increase in mental relaxation. You would feel less stressed and be in a better mood. However, the increase in cerebral energy is not one of the characteristics of this strain, so effects like improved creativity and brainstorming are not felt after consuming this strain. Simple relaxation and reduced depression are some of the benefits that can be attributed to this strain. The haze formed in mind after smoking it is the basic reason for the existence of such a feeling.

A strong physical relaxation that sets in soon after the consumption of the Animal Cookies makes it one of the best solutions for pain relief. People suffering from intense nerve pain can also feel instant relief.

Because of the heavy feeling, Animal cookies strain can be used for the treatment of insomnia. You can have improved sleep quality after smoking this strain. It is recommended to use this strain at night.

Dry eyes and dry mouth are amongst some of the common drawbacks of this strain. But usually, the right dosage and hydrated body help in overcoming this situation.

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The high is quick, hitting users soon after consumption.

Animal Cookies has an average THC content of 20%.

 It’s effective for treating anorexia and pain relief.

 It reduces stress and may help with depression.

Yes, it’s useful for pain relief and can help with insomnia.

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