Alaskan Thunder Fuck (AAA)

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Alaskan Thunder fuck strain is Sativa dominant and its parents remain a secret to most of the people. While smoking, it will give you the woodsy aroma mixed with pine. We at Save on Greens noticed that the smoke of Alaskan thunder fuck is very thick and pungent especially for non-smokers, it could be an extreme smoke. Alaskan thunder fuck THC level goes up to 27% and it’s considered as one of the extreme strains because of the high THC level. When it comes to the high effects, you will get an instant head high with euphoric head effects. Also, if you are hanging out with your friend’s Alaskan thunder fuck could be your best friend because of its effects. The biggest medical use of Alaskan thunder fuck strain is that it can help you with the depression better than any other strain because of its trippy head high and positive mood vibes effects. We at Save on Greens noticed that if you are having the stress then it’s the best medicine you can use because it can divert your mind’s attention and slowly move your feelings toward the happy vibes and its one of the favorite strains for our team now. It can also help the people having headaches/chronic pains but Alaskan thunder fuck is no the ideal strain for treating pain. Also, if you are facing the hunger issues then smoking one joint of Alaskan thunder fuck can make you very hungry after a while. If you are looking to grow Alaskan thunder fuck strain yourself, it’s one of the easy strains to grow both within indoor and outdoor environments. Similar to other Sativa plants, it has a typical flowering time of around 9-10 weeks. Alaskan thunder fuck is also famous within the growers because of its high yield properties.

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Yes, it’s particularly effective for depression due to its trippy head high and positive mood vibes.

Yes, smoking it can significantly increase hunger after a while.

Due to its high THC content, it might be too intense for beginners.

Its high THC level and effectiveness in treating depression and stress.

Yes, it’s effective for mood-related issues, stress, and appetite stimulation.