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Afghan Kush (AA)


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Discover Afghan Kush (AA), a great weed strain recognized for its relaxing and euphoric effects. 

Bud Characteristics:

    • Size: Medium–Large
    • Grade: AA
    • Colour: Rich Green
    • Classification: Indica
    • Effects: Drowsiness and Giddiness
    • THC Concentration: 17%
    • Flavour: Woody, Herbal, Tar
  • Best for: Meditation, Relaxation, Creative Activities
  If you want peace of mind or relief, go on a trip with Afghan Kush and drown yourself in its effects and delicious flavours. Embrace the culture and legacy of the Afghan Arab people.

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Product FAQ's

Afghan Kush mainly makes you feel relaxed and happy. It can also make you sleepy.

It tastes woody and herbal with a hint of tar.

Yes, it’s fine for beginners. It has 17% THC, which is moderate.

We guarantee our quality by only selling the best.

SaveOnGreens values your privacy. We ensure that all deliveries are made in discreet packaging so your order arrives securely and without drawing attention.