Acapulco Gold (AAAA)

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Acapulco Gold strain is one of the well-known strains but its exact lineage is still a mystery. It is a Sativa hybrid, which is most commonly found in Mexico. It was first found in the 1960s.

Acapulco Gold is one of the strains that grow perfectly well in the outdoor environment. The plant of the Acapulco strain has resistant structures and numerous branches. The buds have a golden touch with green and brownish color, which makes this strain quite prominent as compared to the other variety. The flowering period of this strain is of 8-9 weeks. Acapulco Gold plants can have a THC content of 23% on average.

The aroma of the buds of acapulco strain resembles the burnt toffee. The same pungent smell is also observed in the taste.

Acapulco Gold can result in a burst of energy to the cerebral region of the brain, making you high. The high feeling in the brain can increase the creative ability of the consumers. So, it can be easily used when you are about to start a brainstorming session or before indulging in a creative or artistic endeavor. 

Besides, the clear focus of the mind is also part of the high that comes with this strain. With this property of Acapulco Gold, you can expect to have some deep thinking on the official matters that had been put on hold for quite some time.

Another characteristic of this strain is that you can feel the uplift in the mood without going through the traditional high that most of the strains usually come through. People suffering from General Anxiety Disorder or PTSD can feel better after using this strain. The levels of stress and anxiety are considerably reduced.

Some level of physical relaxation can also be felt as a result of consuming Acapulco gold strain; however, it does not lead to a couch-locked state.

Cottonmouth, dry eyes, and paranoia are some of the drawbacks that you might feel when consuming this strain in excessive quantities. 

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