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1-Up Shroom Bar – 3 Grams



Earn up to 35 Points.

Each Bar contains 3 g or 3000 mg of Magic Mushrooms 

There are 8 squares per bar containing an estimate of 375mg of magic mushrooms per square. 

1-Up Shroom Chocolate Bar is a new way to microdose or high level dosing. These tasty magic mushrooms really get you feeling like you are in a Mario World, the high is clear and the way it is ingested is delicious.

Recommended Dosage

For first-timers, 1 square of the 1-up shroom bar is enough for micro dosing. While 3-4 squares is recommended for more experiences consumers who wish to have a high dosing. (Dependent on an individual’s tolerance)


Strain Characteristics

Matcha White Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Mixed Berry, White Chocolate

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