Magic Mushrooms Effects (Pros and Cons Explained)

Feeling depressed or having panic attacks? Have you been finding solutions to treat these issues? Allopathic medicines usually are a temporary solution for this purpose. 

Some of these medicines work great to have to be taken continuously. What if I tell you that magic mushrooms are the way to take away all your depression and anxiety as it was never there? Don’t believe it? You WILL. 

Magic mushrooms are scientifically proven to provide awe-inspiring benefits but like other medicines, it does have some negative effects as well.

Before you plan to buy or consume these magic mushrooms, please confirm from the authorities if magic mushrooms are legal in your area.

What are Magic Mushrooms?

Magic Mushrooms are the special mushrooms that contain psilocybin. It is a chemical, which is known to create hallucinations. 

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administrations have regarded Psilocybin to be the best psychedelics that we know up till now.

More than 180 different varieties of mushrooms have psilocybin present in it, which shows there is a large variety of mushrooms that can be categorized as the magic ones.

How do magic mushrooms look?

The magic mushrooms look different from the simple mushrooms that we usually eat. Long and slender stems in white and grayish color, which are covered by caps. 

The dark gills are present on the underside of these mushrooms. With these physical characteristics in view, you’ll be in a better position to identify the magic mushrooms.

In most cases, you’ll see them fully dried, thus having a reddish-brown color. Fresh mushrooms cannot be kept for a long time; this is why there is a high probability that you’ll find the dried version of these mushrooms.  

The typically dried mushrooms have 0.2% to 0.4% psilocybin present in them. 

However, the exact amount of psilocybin can be determined based on the variety of mushrooms under consideration, the tolerance of the user, and the quality of the mushrooms.

Effects of Magic Mushrooms:

What are your expectations from the magic mushrooms? 

We are sure that by now you would have had heard quite a lot about magic mushrooms already and you would have developed some perspective as well. So, to help you authenticate your perspective, here is what a magic mushroom can do.


The strongest impact that has been observed in the magic mushrooms is the creation of hallucinations. The users of these mushrooms can hear, see, and think events that are not real. 

While using it, they can’t differentiate between reality and the made-up event that the brain creates.

Also, mood, sensory perception, hunger, sleep, muscle control, body temperature, and sexual behavior can be impacted as a result of the Hallucinogens present in the magic mushroom.

Reduction of anxiety:

Generally, hallucinations are not amongst the most favorable option that anyone could be looking for but the reduction in the depression is because of this hallucinating impact. 

David Nutt is a psychologist who studies the magic mushrooms and found the depression happens when the brain connections are overly connected.

As magic mushrooms loosen the connection, so the chances of depression also decrease.

Physical Impact on the body:

The feeling of nausea, muscle weakness, and vomiting are the prominent physical problems that magic mushrooms can create.

Also, the dilation of pupils is another physical impact that can be created because of the chemical released from the shrooms. 

This is because of the increase in the serotonin level that creates such an impact. Moreover, increased heartbeat, feeling of euphoria, and well being and quick breathing is normal.

Panic Reactions:

The hallucination can be considered, as the lower stage of the impact, the magic mushrooms are capable of creating. In extreme situations, panic reactions are what we can expect.

Reduction of negative thoughts:

The use of magic mushrooms can help in the reduction of negative thoughts, which are the biggest benefits that come with these mushrooms. 

National Institute on Drug Abuse discusses that magic mushrooms can create a relaxation impact similar to the consumption of lower dosages of marijuana.

The major impact of the consumption of these mushrooms can be seen in the prefrontal cortex region of the brain. 

This region of the brain is concerned with thoughts, abstract thinking, and creativity, thus most of the magic mushroom effect can be seen in the things that are managed by this region of the brain.

It is isn’t addictive

The magic mushrooms aren’t addictive. So, you can feel relaxed and even enjoy the high for the short run without developing any addictive behavior towards these mushrooms.

Can help in the treatment of addiction:

These mushrooms would help you in letting go of the addictive behavior. DSM-5 and NIDA help the users in leaving the addiction, as both these chemicals cannot detect the withdrawal syndrome. 

Thus, leading to better results. However, continuous usage of magic mushrooms results in limiting the actual impact, which could be enjoyed.

Single-dose of magic mushrooms can be powerful:

The impact of the magic mushroom is so strong that it has been regarded as a surgical intervention after the 5-year long study. 

In this research, controlled clinical trials were conducted. People who had been on the verge of suicide had felt better after the single usage of magic mushroom.

Sense of time might be distorted:

People using magic mushrooms usually aren’t sure about the time that has passed. For the consumers, the time slows down.

Out of the body, the experience is normal:

The users of magic mushrooms have often reported that they see a version of themselves dealing with a different situation. This can be considered as a type of hallucination but it is something beyond that.

These are the general effects that we can expect after consuming the magic mushrooms. They covered both the positives and the negative impacts.

Short-term effects of magic mushrooms:

When it comes to the time range of creating an impact, most of the effects that have been discussed above can be seen in the short run but their intensity and the time for which these effects last is limited.

Once you get out of the impact of the drug, you don’t have to face them.

The long-term effect of magic mushroom:

If you are a habitual user of the magic mushrooms, then there is a high probability that you will face the effects discussed above for a longer time and in higher intensity. 

It can create flashbacks in the long-term for daily users.

whenever you feel tired or exhausted, these flashbacks can cloud your mind and usually remain for 2-3 minutes before you get to the normal.

Besides, Hallucinogen-persisting perception disorder (HPPD) is a disorder that can be developed in people who are habitual of taking magic mushrooms.

How long does the” trip” last?

After consuming the magic mushrooms, you may start feeling the impact within 20 minutes of consumption. The impact can last for around 6 hours. However, the exact timing would be dependent on factors like the strength of the mushroom, its quality, and the tolerance level of the user.

The high that comes with the magic mushroom is slow. If the dosage taken is too low, the high or hallucinating impact might not occur, and only replaced feeling could be felt. 

In the case of excessively high dosage, the impact of hallucinating could be very high, leading to panic attacks as discussed earlier.

How long do mushrooms stay in our system?

The setting of magic mushrooms is not very common in the normal drug testing procedure. However, advanced techniques can detect Psilocybin quite easily. 

The magic mushrooms could be detected within three days of consumption. But the aspects like age, metabolism, weight, and other such conditions would play an important role in determining the right duration.

Addiction and Withdrawal:

As discussed earlier as well, the use of magic mushrooms is not addictive physically or mentally, so you can leave it whenever you want. 

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