Is Buying Magic Mushrooms Online In Canada Legal?

If you are looking to safely and legally enjoy all the magical benefits of magic mushrooms, then yes, you should buy magic mushrooms online in Canada. Buying magic mushrooms online is not only very easy but also the best way to discreetly have your products delivered to your doorstep without the risk of being seized by law enforcers.

Magic mushroom online dispensaries have quickly become ideal for Canadians to buy lab-tested and high-quality shroom products from gummies, chocolate, and tinctures to 100% natural dried mushrooms.

If you are not sure about buying magic mushrooms online– we understand, especially because shrooms are still classified under illegal and controlled substances in Canada. But, it’s worth noting that buying your shroom products from an online dispensary is quite safe. Let’s address some of your concerns and help you make the best decision.

Although magic mushrooms are still technically considered illegal, it’s important to note that you can buy magic mushrooms online in Canada safely, and most importantly, legally. However, you must be 19 years of age to buy shrooms in Canada legally. You must also ensure that you only buy from a licensed and legitimate dispensary to avoid landing in trouble or buying unsafe products.

The process is pretty straightforward as all you have to do is place an order and relax at home, waiting for your magic mushrooms to be delivered to your doorstep. If, for instance, you purchased from the best Buy Magic Mushrooms Online dispensaries in Canada like Budlab, you can expect to have your products delivered anywhere in Canada, even in the most remote communities and big cities like Ontario.

Why Buy Magic Mushrooms Online In Canada?

There are tons of positive reasons why you should consider buying your magic mushrooms online in Canada. Firstly, it’s a surefire way of ensuring that you do not cross paths with the police. While a magic mushroom dispensary guarantees you 100% safe and lab-tested products, it also ensures that you get them legally.

Unlike shady dealers who are most often after your hard-earned money, legitimate dispensaries sell their products at a much cheaper price besides giving you incredible deals and discounts. For instance, Budlab offers a points program and referral system for its customers to enjoy. Below are additional reasons why you should confidently buy magic mushrooms online in Canada.

Consumption Safety

Magic Mushroom hunting can be very dangerous. One small mistaken identity and what was expected to be a recreational or medicinal process turns out fatal! Remember that magic mushrooms, especially if you are a novice of psychedelic mushrooms, can be quite challenging to identify. Therefore, you’re better off leaving the foraging to the seasoned and trained professionals.

Buying magic mushrooms online in Canada guarantees you completely safe, all-natural and lab-tested products. Budlab offers you a variety of lab-tested and safety guaranteed shroom products that are sure to take you out of this world! All our products have gained excellent reviews, from golden teacher mushrooms, to shroom pills, to the fun guy chocolate bars. If you are looking for a great introduction to microdosing mushrooms, Budlab will provide you with a lighter and more medicated approach.

Ease of Purchase

Buying magic mushrooms online offers you a great alternative from having to go through the trouble of searching for a local dealer or grower that might end up getting you arrested. The secret behind magic mushrooms online dispensaries unparalleled popularity is their simplicity of purchase. All you need to do is conveniently navigate your ideal website menu, select your preferred products and place an order.

Budlab avails a great variety of psilocybin treats to choose from. Whether you love shroom pills, dried mushrooms, shroom chocolates, shroom gummies, shroom edibles, or the simple act of sipping your shroom tea, there’s always something great waiting for you. We ship our products all over Canada, and we ensure proper packaging and discreet delivery; even your curious neighbour won’t know what’s in your package.

Lower Prices

One thing that sets online dispensaries apart from your backyard dealer is reduced prices.  Even the best online dispensaries sell psilocybin mushrooms at the most economical prices. Go through Budlab’s reviews, and you will be impressed by the numerous comments on high-quality psilocybin products going at a very affordable price.

Unparalleled Customer Service

Online dispensary customer services are generally delivered over the phone. The staff should be able to promptly respond to your emails or calls and provide a helpful response. Here at Budlab, our friendly and highly trained staff will address all your concerns and respond to all your questions quickly. If you aren’t sure what products are ideal for your needs or have questions about our delivery services, our staff will happily guide you step-by-step until you get exactly what you want.

How To Get Your Mail Order Psilocybin Mushrooms

As stated above, getting your magic mushrooms via the mail and having them delivered to your doorstep is quite simple. Follow the straightforward steps outlined below:

Identify ALegitimate Mushroom Dispensary.

To enjoy all the medicinal and recreational benefits of magic mushrooms, you must find a dispensary that promises top-quality, lab-tested products. Whether you are looking to experience euphoria, spiritual awakening, self-discovery, relaxation, medicinal, or the psychedelic experience (a trip), there’s always an amazing psilocybin product stocked in online dispensaries.

The only way to be sure what to expect when buying magic mushrooms online from any dispensary is to go through their online reviews. Or simply have a friend recommend a dispensary they’ve used before. Either way, you must ensure the dispensary is licensed, and their products are lab-tested.

Variety of Products

Once you log into any magic mushroom selling website, you will quickly notice a wide variety of magic mushroom products to choose from. Interestingly, you’ll find it very easy to navigate, select, and order your preferred products.

The best thing about buying your perfect products from Budlab is that you’ll find an all budgets selection and informative content about each product. If you are unsure about any product, all you have to do is contact the staff, and they promptly respond to your questions before making a purchase.

Add To Cart

Once you have selected your preferred magic mushroom products, add them to your cart, and you’ll immediately receive information regarding the shipment of your order.


Most online magic mushroom dispensaries deliver their products all over Canada, from big cities to the most remote places.

Products To Expect When Buying Magic Mushrooms Online In Canada

There are numerous varieties of magic mushrooms products that you can buy, including:

Dried Mushrooms–  A good example is penis envy dried magic mushrooms that offer you an unbeatable psychedelic journey. There is always a wide variety of dried mushrooms strains to choose from. Dried shrooms are highly potent and way more powerful than fresh ones.

Golden Teacher Mushrooms-  A type of psilocybin mushrooms that provides you with numerous medicinal and psychological benefits.

Shroom Edibles- Shroom edibles allow you to experience all the amazing effects of magic mushrooms in the most flavoursome way that musks the unpleasant taste of dried mushrooms. You can expect anything from shroom tea, shroom gummies, shroom capsules to the amazing shroom chocolates.

Microdosing Products- If you are looking to experience all the mental and health benefits of shrooms without hallucinogenic effects, you can easily buy capsules or pills from a well-established online dispensaries like Budlab.

The Bottom Line

The easiest, convenient, and safe way to get shroom products is by buying magic mushrooms online in Canada. Please keep in mind that you must be 19+ to access these services. The whole process is discrete, and the products will be delivered right to your doorstep.

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