How to Grow Magic Mushrooms (Step by Step Guide)

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Growing your magic mushrooms is a rewarding and educational experience. Consider important factors, such as the best magic mushroom strains, the desired organism, and the growing environment. You will need spores, a substrate like brown rice flour or vermiculite, a growing container, and a dark, humid environment to grow magic mushrooms at home.

With the right magical mushroom cultivation techniques, you can initiate fruiting and produce high yields of your mushrooms.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process step by step, covering everything from inoculated jars and fully colonized substrates to the fruiting chamber and the different species you can cultivate.

What You Must Know Before Growing Magic Mushrooms

What You Must Know Before Growing Magic Mushrooms

There are seven common tips you must know before growing magic mushrooms are discussed below:

1. Species Identification

Magic mushrooms come in various species, each with unique characteristics. It’s essential to accurately identify the species you intend to grow, as different strains may have distinct cultivation requirements and potency levels.

2. Substrate Selection

Common substrates include grain, rice flour, and vermiculite. The substrate provides nutrients for the mushrooms to grow, so selecting one that aligns with your chosen cultivation method is important.

3. Sterilization Techniques

Maintaining a sterile environment is paramount to prevent contamination during the cultivation process. Research and implement effective sterilization techniques for the substrate and the cultivation environment.

4. Inoculation Process

Inoculating your substrate with spores is a delicate procedure. Follow precise guidelines to ensure a successful inoculation while minimizing the risk of contamination. Consider using a spore syringe for accurate and controlled immunization.

5. Fruiting Conditions:

Transitioning from incubation to fruiting requires adjustments in environmental conditions. Maintain optimal temperature, humidity, and light to stimulate mushroom formation. Understanding the specific needs of your chosen species is vital for a successful harvest.

6. Harvesting Techniques

Harvest magic mushrooms when they reach the appropriate size, usually before the veil beneath the cap breaks. Use clean tools and handle the mushrooms with care to avoid contamination.

7. Drying and Storage

Properly drying magic mushrooms is crucial for preserving their potency. Utilize a desiccant or a dedicated drying chamber to remove moisture. Store the dried mushrooms in an airtight container in a cool, dark place.

How to Grow Magic Mushrooms Step-by-step

How to Grow Magic Mushrooms Step-by-step

There are five step-by-step processes to grow magic mushrooms:

1. Setting Up a Cultivation Space

Choose a clean and quiet area away from direct sunlight, as exposure to direct sunlight can harm the delicate mycelium. Ensure the space is well-ventilated to provide fresh air for the growing organisms. Use mason jars or other suitable containers for the inoculated jars, and maintain a sterile environment throughout the process to prevent contamination.

2. Choosing the Right Strain

Different species of magic mushrooms contain varying levels of psilocybin, the active ingredient responsible for the psychedelic effects. Psilocybe cubensis is a popular choice for beginners due to its potency and ease of cultivation. Research and choose the best magic mushroom strain that aligns with your preferences and experience level.

3. Cultivation Process

Using a spore syringe, initiate the cultivation process by inoculating jars with mushroom spores. The PF Tek method is low-cost and effective for growing magic mushrooms. Ensure the substrate, which serves as the food source for the mycelium, is prepared using a mix of brown rice flour, vermiculite, and water. Once inoculated, allow the mycelium to fully colonize the substrate before transferring it to a fruiting chamber.

4. Providing the Right Environment

Maintain high humidity levels within the fruiting chamber by misting regularly and using a humidity gauge to monitor levels. Fresh air exchange is essential for the health of the fungi, so introduce fresh air into the cultivation space regularly. Keep the temperature consistent for optimal growth.

5. Patience and Monitoring

Avoid excess water, as it can lead to contamination and other issues. Monitor the development of fruiting bodies, which are the visible mushrooms. Harvest the mushrooms when the caps are fully opened before they release spores to maximize potency. Start with a small dose, especially if you are new to psychedelic mushrooms, to avoid the potential for a bad trip.

Growing Mushrooms Indoor

Select a shallow pan with a generous surface area for optimal growth when cultivating magic mushrooms indoors. This choice allows your mushrooms ample room to flourish. Blend the spawn seamlessly into the substrate using a sterilized utensil, evenly distributing the active ingredients.

To kickstart the growth process, calibrate the baking pan on a heating pad to a precise 70°F (21°C). This temperature provides the ideal environment for the magic mushrooms to thrive.

Avoid exposing them to direct sunlight, and maintain the required humidity levels. Learn to grow shrooms at home and enjoy the benefits of microdosing from the comfort of your home.

Mistakes to Avoid Growing Mushrooms at Home

There are seven essential mistakes to avoid growing mushrooms at home:

1. Choosing the Wrong Strain

Mistakes often happen when growers need to pay more attention to the importance of researching and choosing the right strain for their needs.

2. Inadequate Sterilization

Please sterilize your equipment, substrate, and environment to avoid contamination. Contaminants can compromise the growth of your magic mushrooms and even pose health risks.

3. Ignoring the Importance of Substrates

Different species thrive on various substrates. Understand the needs of your chosen magic mushroom strain and provide the appropriate substrate to support mycelium growth.

4. Neglecting Fruiting Conditions

Ensure your fruiting chamber provides the right conditions, including high humidity, fresh air exchange, and appropriate lighting. These factors are necessary to avoid lower yields and stunted growth.

5. Overlooking Fanning and Fresh Air Exchange

Neglecting to fan the growing environment regularly can result in a buildup of carbon dioxide, hindering the development of fruiting bodies.

6. Improper Hydration Practices

Using excess water or not providing enough hydration can lead to bacterial contamination, stunted growth, and lower yields.

7. Underestimating the Importance of Cleanliness

Adherence to proper hygiene practices can introduce contaminants, jeopardizing the health of your magic mushroom mycelium and the overall success of your cultivation.

Benefits of Growing Your Psilocybin Mushrooms

Here are five common benefits of growing your psilocybin mushrooms are given below:

1. Control Over Quality

When you grow your psilocybin mushrooms, you control the entire cultivation process. It includes selecting the best magic mushroom strains, ensuring the use of high-quality spore syringes, and maintaining optimal growing conditions. This control increases the likelihood of producing potent and desirable fruiting bodies.

2. Cost-Effective Cultivation

Growing psilocybin mushrooms at home is a low-cost endeavour, especially compared to purchasing them. For the PF Tek method, you can start with basic materials like mason jars, vermiculite, and brown rice flour. This cost-effective approach allows you to enjoy the benefits without breaking the bank.

3. Health Benefits

Cultivating your mushrooms provides access to fresh and uncontaminated products. It is particularly important for individuals using psilocybin mushrooms for potential health benefits. You can ensure that your mushrooms are free from harmful substances, promoting a safer and more controlled experience.

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4. Customized Growing Environment

Every mushroom species has its own preferred growing environment. By growing your psilocybin mushrooms, you can tailor the conditions to match the specific requirements of your chosen strain. This customization can result in higher yields and better overall success in the cultivation process.

5. Sustainable and Responsible Cultivation

Growing your psilocybin mushrooms enables you to practice sustainable cultivation methods. You can use organic substrates, recycled materials, and environmentally friendly practices. This eco-conscious approach aligns with responsible mushroom cultivation and contributes to a more sustainable relationship with the fungi kingdom.

What Are the Best Magic Mushroom Strains to Grow for Beginners?

For beginners looking to embark on the journey of growing Psilocybe Cubensis at home, these 5 strains are your best bet:

  1. Golden teacher
  2. Reishi
  3. Lion’s Mane
  4. Shiitake
  5. Chaga

These strains are regarded as the best magic mushrooms for novices due to their ease of cultivation and forgiveness. You’ll need to gather some essential items to start growing magic mushrooms. Begin by acquiring a grow kit or the necessary materials for the PF Tek method.

Inoculate jars with mushroom spores and allow them to colonize fully. Create a fruiting chamber, ensuring high humidity and fresh air exchange.

Use distilled water to maintain the right moisture levels, and expose the growing mushrooms to indirect sunlight for one to two hours each day.


Do Mushrooms Need Light to Grow?

No. Mushrooms, including the best magic mushroom strains like Psilocybe cubensis, don’t require direct sunlight or any light for their growth. Unlike plants, mushrooms don’t photosynthesize. Instead, they derive nutrients and energy from the organic material in their surroundings.

How Long Does It Take to Grow Magic Mushrooms?

Grow magic mushrooms by following a straightforward process that takes approximately three to four weeks. Begin with the best magic mushroom strain suited to your preferences and medical condition. Use the PF Tek method for mushroom cultivation, initiating the process with inoculated jars containing your chosen magic mushroom spores.

Yes, it is legal to grow magic mushrooms in Canada. You can initiate the process by obtaining spore syringes of the desired organism, such as Psilocybe cubensis, one of the best magic mushroom strains for cultivation.

Start by inoculating jars with the spores using the PF Tek method. Ensure a fully colonized substrate using dry vermiculite and brown rice flour. Maintain a low-cost setup with mason jars and create a fruiting chamber to promote the growth of fruiting bodies.

Factors like high humidity, fresh air exchange, and a controlled growing environment are crucial for successful cultivation.

How Should We Store Magic Mushrooms?

Keep the best magic mushrooms in a cool, dark place to preserve their active ingredients. Store them in airtight containers like mason jars to prevent moisture and excess water. Direct sunlight can degrade the potency of magic mushrooms, so avoid exposure.

If you’ve cultivated your magic mushrooms using a grow kit, ensure the fully colonized substrate is placed in a fruiting chamber. This chamber should have small holes for fresh air exchange and high humidity to initiate fruiting.


You start by choosing the best magic mushroom strain for your needs. Use the PF Tek method with inoculated jars to ensure proper substrate colonization.

Maintain a clean and controlled environment to initiate fruiting, and make sure your fruiting chamber provides high humidity. Remember to provide fresh air and expose your growing mushrooms to indirect sunlight.

Use distilled water and avoid excess water, which can lead to contamination and a bad trip. With a low-cost setup, you can produce your own psilocybin mushrooms with high yields.


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